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Amsterdam - 18.jpgAmsterdam - 19.jpgAmsterdam - 43.jpgAmsterdam - 51.jpgWe headed over to activate our Dutch working visas, spent all of Friday wandering around a little town about an hour from Amsterdam on the train, trying to sort out our visa with no success. When we got back to the Dam we decided that we would hit the town for a while, we wandered down to the Red light district and walked through the dingy little alley where you find all the display windows. Display windows for all the girls to parade their finest wears. Quiet different to what I had imagined, I thought they would just all be standing around on the street but no they have their little shop fronts which are the display cabinets they stand in and then once they have someone show them interest they open the door and take them into a room behind their display window which has their bed and bits.

After wandering around for a while we decided to go in and experience a Live sex show, well it was all that I thought it would be but still a little disappointing. They just don’t put the passion in it, of course you can understand why when they are doing the show every hour on the hour. So it was more of a choreographed display than what it should be. Shane was pulled up by on of the strippers to be part of the show, which was quiet funny he had a grin from ear to ear after getting over his stage fright.
As you all have probably heard Amsterdam is known for is drugs, I could not believe the amount of drugs offered to us in the short period of time we were wandering around the red light district and it wasn’t just pot. Mind blowing how open they are about it all. The cops just wander around like its not happening, well not really we were told that we were not to flaunt it in there faces but they will let it slide if not made blatantly obvious.
We then headed back to our hostel, you would not believe the buildings in Holland they are so narrow at the base of the building and have tiny, narrow and very, very steep staircases. Our hostel had 4 levels and of course we were in one of the rooms right at the top of the building, joy, joy, joy. Especially when you have been drinking you almost need to crawl up the stair through fear of falling back down them. They say back in the day the rates were charged by square footage at the base of their dwellings so they make them really small at the bottom to avoid the rates paid and then expand out over the streets. The staircases are so narrow that all the buildings have hooks on the outside of the building so they can hoist the furniture up through the windows rather than taking it up the stairs.
After the adventures of sleeping in a 14 bed dorm we woke and started the adventure again. Off to the Sex Museum first, tell you what was that an eye opener. Photo gallery’s with photos that go back to days where it was not heard of to be taking photos of that kind of stuff. I’m talking back to the early 1600’s if not earlier, anything you can think about sex it was documented in this museum. We had a little giggle before we left though. They had a old style Porn booth that you could pay 2 euros to have a squiz, So Cat, Shane and I all squeezed in to check it out, once we had finished we had to try and get out of the tiny little room. I jumped up on the seat to make some more room and Cat left the booth, closed the door and then Shane left the booth then of course out I came and tell you what were there some strange looks on peoples faces when we all piled out of the booth, all we could do is laugh at the posssible thoughts going through there heads.

On to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, This was an interesting way of getting some of the history of Amsterdam. Of course we took some photos and wandered around, they have a scary section there which was the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, there was this guy at the front of this section standing dead still I just thought he was another wax statue and yes he scared the crap out of me when he spoke to me.

Off to the Amsterdam Dungeon next and this time Cat got the fright of her life. This was an interesting place it went through all the history of Holland and Amsterdam in a theatrical way. They talked of the Spanish inquisition and the black plague, the slave traders and many other things that happened in the Dam, much of it got lost in translation, Dutch people in theatre trying to speak English, oh well I got the picture. After that we went to see the Ann Frank house. Well talk about stirring some emotions I was totally blown away by the whole thing. I only had a limited knowledge of what had happened there before I went and was shocked to see the conditions in which they lived in for such a long period of time. Walking back to the Hostel from there we couldn't help but to take in some of the canal views. They are absolutely beautiful.

We thought we better check out some traditional Dutch food before we left town, we went to a nice restaurant on the main street which served absolutely delicious food, if you come over here expecting to keep your figure think again, every thing is deep fried and soaked with fat.

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